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    The hated Neck Wrinkles!

    Neck care cannot be ignored, as each wrinkle line on the neck, add decades to our appearance!

    This multi-function ultrasound technology for neckline and face care, smooths fine lines, tighten skin, restore elasticity, stimulate the skin, and reclaim your smooth face and sexy neck.

    Deriving from TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Meridian Points Therapy, this device provides the channel, activates acupuncture points of the neckline and decolletage.

    This device transfers energy to the skin around the neck and face, providing an all-around neck care program, smoothing fine lines, skin tightening, acupuncture effects, and leading in skincare nutrients.

    Product Features:

    • 45 ¬Ī 5‚ĄÉ Heat & 4 Massage Modes:¬†This massage device creates ''heat'', combining 4 intense modes, to gently massage & exfoliate the skin layer,¬†reducing the appearance of¬†premature aging.


    • Specially designed for neck's skin:¬†This¬†device is elegantly shaped in dolphin tail form and its ergonomic design is focused on your neck's skincare. Apart from the neck, the massage head is also appropriate for decolletage, shoulders, and other parts of the body, as well as improving your skin and body care product's effectiveness.¬†Comfortable shape and design, enabling the efficient¬†¬†process of¬†skin¬†rejuvenation.

    • Boost effects of skincare product:¬†This beauty massage device will boost the effects of your favorite serums, facial creams, or essential oils.


    • 4 Massage Modes:¬†Select 1 of the 4 massaging modes for different vibration strength and skincare benefits. Energize your skin and maximize its absorption powers, promote blood circulation help relax the neckline muscles and firm the skin, resulting in smoother and silkier skin.


    • Intelligent Timing:¬†Easily time your massaging routine - the device will remind you at 60 seconds, so you can adjust the appropriate duration for the beauty massage routine.


    • Highly Portable:¬†Our device is compact and weighs only 67g, making it really easy to pack it in your cosmetics bag and carry it anywhere. Don't leave your skincare at home when you travel, continue your beauty treatments wherever you go.


    • Easy Use, Easy Care:¬†Ergonomic design, easy to hold and operate with one hand, you can use the device effortlessly. Powered via USB cable, no plug hassle, it remains operational anywhere, anytime.


    • Memory Function¬†- The device will save and remember the last saved setting, and use the same mode automatically at the next session.


    • Intelligent Reminder¬†- Warming up reminder function will beep sound at 60 seconds, helping you adjust the massage time efficiently

    Massage Modes:

    • EMS Tightening:¬†The¬†EMS firming mode releases


    • Pulsed Micro Currents to improve the elasticity of facial muscle¬†fibres and tighten the skin


    • Skin Rejuvenation(Blu-ray mode):¬†Blue light promotes collagen synthesis activates and¬†tightens skin,¬†and¬†Cleans the Skin quickly through powerful output technology.


    • Wrinkle Improver(Purple mode):¬†Violet light improves cell¬†metabolism, calms the skin, and diminishes spots and acne.


    • Facial Lifting(Red Light mode):¬†Red light will enhance cell¬†viability, promote the growth¬†of fiber cells, reduce pigments¬†and lighten scars.

    Examples Of Bad Habits That Affect The Skin Around The Neck:

    • Long work hours at the computer¬†
    • The dryness that occurs as a result of neglecting a proper skincare routine
    • Using high pillows for sleep thereby bending of the neck which¬†results in Wrinkles¬†
    • No deep cleaning of dirt or makeup on the neck, thereby increasing melanin production.

     How To Use:

    • Apply skincare products evenly on the Face/Neck
    • Select the appropriate mode and pull the massage head up and down from the bottom of the neck¬†
    • Clean the machine and keep it dry after use

    Package Includes:

    1 X Neck Massage Device

    1 X USB charging cable

    1 X User manual